On this site O’Shaughnessy’s can do what we did not do in the print edition: run ads and listings from Cannabis Dispensaries and Producers.* See “Our Entourage” in column at right.

For openers we’re laying out logos as if they were leggos in the order received. In due course there will be subsets for Cultivators and Chocolatiers, Lawyers and Labs, and maps facilitating connections between our readers and sponsors.

We expect the unique content in The O’Shaughnessy’s Reader to draw ongoing heavy traffic as millions of people get seriously interested in medical marijuana. To join our entourage now…

* When O’Shaughnessy’s was launched in 2003, Dr. Tod Mikuriya — who had been attacked by the federal Drug Czar and prosecuted by the Medical Board of California — decided against taking dispensary ads. According to the courts, doctors have a Constitutional right to discuss cannabis with patients, but they are not allowed to advise how to obtain it. Tod feared that if O’Shaughnessy’s ran dispensary ads, an aggressive prosecutor could charge that a doctor giving out the paper was advising patients how to obtain marijuana (which would be “aiding and abetting” in a federal crime). I didn’t try to convince him that no federal prosecutor would ever be so mean and petty. —FG